Wanbao-ACC strongly believes that innovative personnel strategies represent a key success factor for the Company.

To reach the goals that the market demands, we rely on the innovative potential of our employees and the basic values we all share.

Openness and global perspective

We promote the sharing of experience and try to seek out best practice wherever it occurs, with the aim of establishing an effective and open communication approach.

Nevertheless flexibility is a must: we respect the different cultures of our people around the world and, where needed, we plan site-specific solutions.

People Training & Development

The focus on individual know-how and skills, together with orientation towards empowerment are the tools we use to create a highly motivated and proactive global team.


Working with a project/process approach, team-work becomes critical in reaching good results.

We like to involve people who have complementary skills, wherever they are located, to promote an effective and motivated working atmosphere.

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